Thursday, September 24, 2020 - By: Emily N, Allard ‘22

On Friday September the 11th, the long awaited in-person classes started up. Classrooms all over campus were alive once again, and they were full of students eager to learn while maintaining all the new Covid-safe protocols.

Over the past six months, changes had to be made in order for students to make their way back to Brentwood. One of the biggest changes was putting each student into learning groups/cohorts based on their brother/sister house. For some students, this was difficult news to digest, but, for the most part, everyone has been excited to reunite in person rather than virtually.

Alongside this new protocol, many others were put in place. Sanitization stations were placed in high traffic areas, masks were required in transition zones, sanitizing sprays and colourful cloths were dropped off into each classroom to wipe desks down, and the classrooms were set up so that learning groups could socially distance themselves from each other.

As returning students helped to make a smooth transition from Zoom, the new students easily followed along making this Covid-safe environment their new normal. Jack NG, Ellis ‘21 states that while it is “not ideal to not be able to work with or sit beside your friends [from other cohorts], it’s better than any other alternative.” Anyone who was forced into the realm of online learning during the breadth of quarantine this spring can agree that following the mitigation strategies to keep us on campus is better than another term of online school.

The new rules have been something of a hurdle for everyone, including the teachers. While almost every teacher is just as excited about being back to face-to-face (mask-to-mask if you will) just as the students are, it has definitely been an unusual first few weeks for everyone. It’s a relief for the teachers to be able to see everyone once again, and according to Mrs Amiel, “a noisy classroom means that learning is happening!”

Walking through the halls, you will see smiling eyes in every direction. It is safe to say that being back to school amidst the Coronavirus has been a positive experience for both teachers and students.

Emily N, Allard ‘22

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