Mashup Rugby

Sunday, June 07, 2015 - By: Mr. Oliver Amiel, Coach

With the competitive season wrapped up, it has been time for some fun in the sun, with light practices, games of touch, and skill development. Yesterday, however, the Brentwood Junior Boys Rugby team got together with Shawnigan's Junior team for a mashup. 

We mixed all of the boys into four teams, and played some full field, fully contested, 7s rugby with round-robin games followed by a Cup and Plate final. We even dug up some old sets of jerseys, including the old 'ISA All-star' jerseys, sporting the stripes of Brentwood black, Shawnigan gold, SMUS blue, and Saint's red. 

Team 'Super Awesome' took home the Cup in a tight final against team 'Vanilla Ice. Having roasted for two hours under the sun on the hottest day of the year so far, we all went for a jump in the ocean and headed over to the Crooks Hall veranda to polish off 70 steaks, a mountain of baked spuds, and a 10 gallon bucket of ice cream. 

It was an excellent afternoon, and hopefully the beginning of a new tradition in our friendly rivalry with the Stags from up the road. 

Mr. Oliver Amiel, Coach

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