Mamma Mia Is Cast

Friday, January 13, 2023 -

The Brentwood musical team, led by Director Edna Widenmaier, will celebrate 20 years in the Bunch with Mamma Mia March 1-4 in the Killy Theatre.

Tickets can be purchased here

The leads for the performance are below:
Sophie Sheridan - Heather  L
Ali - Mimi D & Beluchi O
Lisa - Isha CS & Sophie W
Donna Sheridan - Isabella T
Tanya     - Clare R
Rosie    - Gillian D
Sky - Ned B
Pepper - Conor P
Eddie    - Noah S
Harry Bright     - Ty D
Bill Austin - Matthias S
Sam Carmichael - Thomas M
Father Alexandrios/Postman - Hawk A

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