Malcolm Howard Wins Olympic Silver Medal

Wednesday, August 01, 2012 - By: Jim Ganley

At the London Olympics, Malcolm Howard, Brentwood Class of 2001 and Captain of the Canadian Heavyweight Men’s 8+, won a come-from-behind Silver medal by edging the home favourite British 8+ in the final 500 meters. The German 8+, undefeated since 2009, won the event. This Silver will now hang with the Gold Malcolm won in Beijing.

You can watch the race at

Dave Calder ’96 and Scott Frandsen ’98, who won their heat earlier this week, placed 3rd in their semi-final in the pair and advanced to the final Friday, August 3rd at 3:50 am. Dave and Scott earned Silver medals in Beijing.

Brentwood has a long and storied history of alumni who have gone on to become Olympians. In fact, since 1976, every Canadian Olympic rowing team has included at least one Brentwood athlete! As Rick Mercer quipped when he visited the campus in 2010, if Brentwood was a country at the Beijing Olympics, it would have placed 54th out of the 200 nations competing.  To enjoy Rick’s piece on Brentwood rowing please see

The following is the complete list of Brentwood athletes who have represented Canada at the Olympic Games:
1930: Ned Pratt - Bronze

1976: Jim Henniger - Men's 8+

1980 (Moscow Olympics boycotted): Pat Walter & Bruce Ford - Men's 2X, Marius Felix - Men's 8+

1984:  Blair Horn - Men's Eight (Gold), Bruce Ford - Men's quad (Bronze), David Ross, Tim Christian, Paul Tessier - Men's 4+, Harold Backer, Tan Barkley - Coxed Pair, Pat Walter - Spare

1988: Pat Walter & Bruce Ford - Men's 2X, David Ross - Coxed Pair, Harold Backer - Men's 4+ (10th place), Jamie Schafer - Men's 8+ (6th place), Sarah Ogilvie - Women's pair

1992: Darren Barber - Men's 8+ (Gold), Harold Backer - Men's pair (7th place)

1996: Darren Barber - Men's 8+ (4th place), Jennifer Browett - Spare

2000: Morgan Crooks, Tom Herschmiller & Dave Calder - Men's 8+, Kevin White - Spare

2004: Tom Herschmiller - Men's 4 (Silver), Scott Frandsen - Men's 8+ (5th place), Dave Calder - Men's Pair, Ian Roberts - Equestrian

2008: Malcolm Howard - Men's 8+ (Gold), Dave Calder & Scott Frandsen - Men's Pair (Silver), Connor Grimes - Field Hockey

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