Wednesday, October 12, 2016 -
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Brentwood is now the proud owner of its very own Makerspace!

What is a Makerspace?

Makerspaces, also referred to as hackerspaces, hackspaces, and fablabs are creative, DIY spaces where people can gather to create, invent, and learn. Makerspaces usually have 3D printers, software solutions, electronics, craft and hardware supplies and hand tools.

Brentwood’s Makerspace

This new space is here to inspire our students, and teachers, and to support “A Commitment to Experiential Learning” in our school’s Academic Plan. The space is a vehicle with applied learning at its core, and allows for teachers to experiment with the new ministry curriculum.

To provide our students with more applied opportunities, the space is now open on Thursday nights, and during many academic blocks for cross-curricular projects.

Brentwood’s Makerspace provides the following benefits to our community:

  • Experiential Learning Centre for students
  • A location for PBL (Project Based Learning)
  • A centre for integrating the new ministry curriculum

Our Makerspace is also the centre for our new Woodworking curriculum, Sculpture, and other arts in the afternoons.

Mr. Brent Lee has extensive experience with integration of technology into the more traditional craft areas. He has brought a number of new elements to the space including 3D printers, minicomputers and even sewing machines for students who wish to prototype, code, and design. Mr. Lee will also run the space on Thursday evenings so that students can have extra hours to work on their projects. Later this term, Grade 9 students will work on a variety of projects on Saturday mornings, primarily in the Makerspace, instead of traditional classes. The Makerspace initiative was made possible through the generous philanthropy of some Brentwood Board members and alumni and we are excited to see what the students will create given the tools now available. Out thanks to these visionary and generous philanthropists.

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