Mackenzie House

Sunday, July 30, 2017 - By: Sarah Ford, Mackenzie '17, Photo by Jim Ganley

Mackenzie, although a boarding house, is not a house at all; it is a home. It is home to 3 big dogs, 1 cross-eyed cat, 2 energetic boys, 1 Bridger, 1 Neil who likes tea and bow ties, 1 rugby Olympian, 1 Lulu McCallum who is herself a home to a soon-to-be baby, 1 flawless Sue Cheung, and 71 individuals who fill the hallways with laughter and fill my heart with love. 

In September, several Mack returnees gathered to assist the 28 new Mack residents adjust to the Brentwood lifestyle. After the returning students arrived, it took mere few hours for Mackenzie House to become this year's Mackenzie family. Our Mack babies (Grade 9s) quickly became a tight knit group that brightened our days. The Grade 10s came together to form a foundation of positivity. The Grade 11s grew into leaders whom I’m confident will strongly run the house next year. The Grade 12s grew from kids to adults ready to face the world that awaits beyond the Brentwood gates. 

Our duty staff and Houseparents don’t simply watch over Mack, they are a part of it. Our incredible Houseparent, Ms Sue Cheung, is the glue that holds the house together and is the light that shines through it all, even when the power goes out (AHS). 

Mack is filled with traditions: Mack House skate, in-house breakfasts, tea time with Robbie, Mack Fams, Christmas dinner, Secret Santa, and the Grinch. However, Mack folks also build their own little traditions. Whether it’s late night dance battles, post-prep rap battles, or highly competitive two square battles, they will leave the biggest imprints on us when we depart. 

Within the Mack walls and my memories, countless hours have been spent walking dogs, singing to 80s music, crying tears of sadness over broken hearts (and bones) and crying tears of joy over great achievements. 71 individuals came together to make one family. To summarize, I will quote Nicole Chrenek, Mack ‘17: “We closed our eyes and fell knowing that we would catch one another. None of us were perfect, but our house was.”

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