Mackenzie House Gifts A Brighter Summer

Sunday, July 19, 2015 - By: Sarah Peerless, Mackenzie ‘15

Summer can be a lot of things for Brentwood students. It can be two months of finding a job, taking a vacation somewhere special, spending time with family or friends, or going to a summer camp for an adventure. Again this summer, for some local Mill Bay children who might not have the resources to get active in the summer, Mackenzie House has them covered. 

Every year at Christmas, Mackenzie girls and their parents team up with our Houseparents to donate money to children and send them to either Camp Qwanoes or Camp Imadene for a week of fun out in the sun during the summer. This year, we raised over $1600 and are able to send two sisters to Camp Qwanoes and a brother and sister to Camp Imadene. We used the money left over to buy necessities for the children and make sure their camp experience was the highlight of their summer.

Next year at Christmas, let’s see if we can send even more kids to camp. At Camp Qwanoes, kids can do fun things like swimming, fishing, water skiing, even go climbing or indoor skating. They can learn valuable skills while making friends and being able to get out of the house during the summer holiday.

Let’s see how many summers we can brighten by lending a hand.

Sarah Peerless, Mackenzie ‘15

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