Mackenzie House 2014-2015

Sunday, September 13, 2015 - By: Simone Henderson, House Captain, Mackenzie ‘17

With 25 new girls entering the hopping halls of Mackenzie, it was bound to be a thrilling year. Nametags and all, everyone was eager to see what Mack was all about. Orientation started out strong with our first interhouse victory of the year, Fun and Games. After our fierce victory, Mackenzie settled into the bonding process with the help of Mack Fams and Big-Little Sisters. We embraced a lot of the old traditions and created some new ones to make this year an unforgettable one. This year we have started something new: every week in the House meeting, the "Leaps of Kindness" box is opened and the papers inside are filled with comments about a good deed that has been done in the house. We never had an empty box!

The famous green wall that shines in the foyer is something new, making a statement and representing the everlasting pride and love of Mackenzie. We hosted the most dangerous and "ribbiting" open house ever, Welcome to the Jungle! With the many new things that were happening in Mackenzie, there were still the classic events, such as the MackSkate, delicious in-house breakfasts, and MackEllis bowling. 

It is easy to see what Mack is all about. We are a community with love and enthusiasm to create a welcoming home. Every year, as the Grade 11s train to become Prefects, Ms. Cheung will say, "Strive to make the house better than the year before". As a house, we work together to make Mackenzie the best it can be by embracing the old and bringing in the new. The Prefects this year have done exactly that and, leaving the house after four years, I am keen to see the 11s lead. 

A big thank you to our duty staff, Mrs. Flynn, Mrs. Jackson, Mr. Robinson, Ms. Dalrymple, Mrs. Scheck, Ms. Mannion, Paul, and Ms. McCallum. Finally, to Ms. Cheung, thanks for being the woman who has led the house this year and challenged every one of us to make the house better than the year before. We love you.​ Simone Henderson, House Captain, Mackenzie ‘17

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