Mackenzie House

Thursday, September 03, 2020 - By: Victoria Dolgova, Mackenzie House Captain, ‘20

When September rolled around, 22 students learned that they were selected with the privilege of joining Mackenzie House. Orientation Assistants lugged boxes into rooms and welcomed our new students with open arms. These students slowly learned what it meant to be part of this tight knit home. Laughter was radiating throughout and made for an incredible Orientation Week.
As the returning students arrived back into their home, it was evident that the house had a few newcomers. However, the returners embraced having new friends and we became the Mackenzie family. With lots of new characters entering the house, this allowed for Mack to grow in personality and fun. After all, this is what we are all known for! Each grade group was successful in settling into their niche. The Grade 9s were so sweet, filled with lots of energy, and definitely won our hearts over despite Laila sneaking noodles into her room. The Grade 10s, not only grew in numbers, but also boisterousness. From hearing the twins contagious chuckle to Meave and Lara’s room exploding with laughter. The Grade 11s matured and we have confidence that they’ll do a spectacular job in leading the house. The Grade 12s had a reality check and grew into adults ready to take on the world outside the Brentwood Gates.
Looking back, there are many fond memories the house is able to reflect on: our fashion disaster open house, in-house breakfast, annual BBQ, and our many wins at interhouse events. However, there are many events that didn’t occur in 2020 due to COVID-19. The pandemic forced us to have an extended Spring Break with online classes. With graduation, Regatta, and third term being torn away the grads didn’t take this lightly and it was extremely hard on them as well as the rest of the house. As tough as this was, Mr Patel noted that “the Grad Class of 2020 will be remembered forever.” We Grads now say our final goodbyes to Mack House: it was unique and special to each and every one of us.

Victoria Dolgova, Mackenzie House Captain, ‘20

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