Mackenzie House

Tuesday, August 07, 2018 - By: Andrea Maritz, House Captain; Photo by Paul Fletcher

Another year full of laughter, tears (both happy and sad), and memories has rushed by. 24 new smiling faces joined us in September, and were welcomed with open arms by the returning students to our Mack House family. Without skipping a beat, the new and the old were fully immersed in traditions such as the returning BBQ (where our Mack-fams were all together for the first time and the new members were introduced to our house song - I Won’t Give Up), in-house breakfasts, ice cream and bowling with Ellis, our “high school stereotypes” themed open house in December, and our famous Mack Skate. 

Our Mack-babies (Grade 9s) soon became a tightly knit group who have grown so much over the past 10 months. The Grade 10s doubled in numbers, made the entire house buzz with energy, and filled the hallways with laughter. The Grade 11s have entered their first year as senior students and have tackled the new experience with enthusiasm - while preparing to take over as Mack leaders in 2018-2019. And finally, I must mention and thank the 23 prefects who help make this house so amazing and help run things so smoothly. We will always be a part of Mack House, just as Mack will always be a part of us. 

A huge thank you to our duty staff - without you the house would feel empty. Thank you to Ms Scheck, Ms Mannion, and Ms Lawrence for keeping the house under control during prep. Thank you also to Laurel and Mrs Luna for keeping us in line and helping us during advisors. And a big thank you to our RFA - Ms Hampshire. We’re sorry for all the noise and banging that you had to put up with on third floor (JP).

Mackenzie House, is, in fact, not a house at all. It is a home. A home to 70 smiling faces, three dogs (both big and small), two boys, one tea-loving Neil, one rarely sighted Mr Coy, one wise and loving Ms Gillian Coy, and one Ms Sue Cheung, whom we owe our greatest debt of gratitude to - for loving us regardless, and for leaving a mark in every single one of our hearts.

Andrea Maritz, House Captain

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