Mack Will Be Back

Tuesday, June 21, 2022 - By: Sophie H, Mack ‘23

The end of a Brentwood year marks a time full of emotions for many. This definitely includes the tight-knit Mackenzie House community. Although the end of the year brings about many special traditions in each house, this year Mack House had an extra-special night.

Over the past two years, the outbreak of Covid-19 prevented many traditions from taking place within the Brentwood community - and globally. One of these experiences that was stripped from Brentwood tradition was off-campus House dinners that take place annually the night before Closing Day.

This year, for the first time since 2019, Mack House made its way off campus and into the welcoming home of the Pavlis family, situated on Lake Cowichan. Emily Pavlis, Mack ‘22 said, “It was super special to host such a significant event for Mack House, especially my family’s nine year legacy coming to an end. We have been waiting to host an event like this for a while.”

Once the Mack girls arrived at the lake, the drizzly weather did not prevent us from enjoying a bonfire and s’mores on the beach. Some girls even took an icy plunge into the thawing lake waters, enjoying the beauty of nature around them and the company of good friends, who over the past year have become more like sisters.

For dinner, a caterer provided a selection of entrees including roast beef, chicken, and a vegetarian option. Girls from all different grades and friend groups gathered around the dinner tables set up in order to enjoy a final meal of the year for most - and a last one for all of the graduating seniors.

In order to honor the contributions of the students who won't be returning to Mack House next year, after dinner we all gathered and certain students shared kind words about each of the faculty that keeps Mack House running and the students who will continue on to different chapters of their lives next year.

These speeches were extremely emotional and heartfelt. Ona GP, Mack ‘23 will not be returning to Brentwood next year and her good friend Sophie W, Mack  ‘23 shared some kind words about her. Ona remarked that, “I have had a great year at Brentwood and I am sad to leave good friends behind. The kind and sentimental words spoken at the closing dinner were extremely touching and emotional and I think the experience definitely brought us closer as a house.”

The Mack girls stumbled back on the bus with full stomachs and headed back to campus where the official torch passing ceremony would take place. We gathered in the common room where Prefects In Training and their assigned Prefects shared words of gratitude for each other and exchanged gifts. The strong bonds created between the Grade 11 and their assigned Grade 12 during the months of training brought them extremely close and this passing of responsibility made saying goodbye extremely difficult and emotional. Tears were shed as Grade 11s were deemed Prefects with a gentle tap on the head with a croquet mallet.

This dinner, followed by Closing Ceremonies the next day, marked the end of the year for Brentwood students. I would like to extend a deep sense of gratitude to Ms Nasmith, Ms Ramsay, Ms Scheck, Mr Miller, Mr Interlandi, and all of the other duty staff and faculty members that made this year in Mack House a great one!

Sophie H, Mack ‘23

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