Mack Skate

Tuesday, February 05, 2019 - By: Stephanie M, Mack, 20

Each year immediately following the Hockey Showcase game vs. our friends from St. George’s, Kerry Park Arena hosts the annual Mackenzie House Skate. This house tradition is a wonderful opportunity to get closer with those in Mackenzie and our “plus one” guests. 

Mack Skate is a great chance for many to lace up skates for the first time and for others to show their grace and skill. An open invitation also awaits the Showcase Hockey players to join us on the ice. 

Slipping, sliding and gliding - or sometimes falling - laughter is heard echoing in the rink as Mackenzie House and our guests enjoy the last hours on a wintery Saturday night in Mill Bay.

Stephanie M, Mack, 20

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