Mack Skate with Maggie & Mike

Sunday, February 12, 2017 - By: Glory C, Mackenzie ‘17; Photo by Clare M, Mackenzie '17

After watching an entertaining 5-4 loss to St. George’s at Showcase Hockey, the Mackenzie girls stepped on to the ice to enjoy some skating of their own. Each year after Showcase Hockey, the Mackenzie girls are allowed to invite one guest to bring free skating. With one hundred and ten students attending Mack Skate this year, there were lots of laughs and lots of falls.

This is a great event on the Mackenzie House social calendar, but this year was very special as we said goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Flynn, longtime Mackenzie Houseparents, who have been at Brentwood for 18 years and are retiring in June. 

Towards the end of the night, after the students got together for a group photo, it was made certain that Mr. and Mrs. Flynn felt appreciated for all the years of work they have put into Mackenzie House and Brentwood. They will be greatly missed as they skate off into retirement.

Glory C, Mackenzie ‘17

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