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Tuesday, August 20, 2019 - By: This past September, 31 new students arrived at Brentwood to discover that they

This past September, 31 new students arrived at Brentwood to discover that they had been selected to be in Mackenzie House. What these students didn’t expect is that Mackenzie is not a boarding house at all; it is a home. It is a home filled with the sound of laughter (with some occasional snorting - Eric), the scent of Ms Coy’s world-famous lemon squares, and the sight of 67 bright and smiling faces.
Upon the arrival of our new students, it took mere minutes for Mackenzie House to become the Mack Fam we are now. Each grade quickly settled into their niche within the house, and rose to every occasion which Brentwood had in store for them. The Grade 9s, the loudest of the house, won our hearts with their limitless compassion and never-ending energy. The Grade 10s consolidated to provide many laughs and witty banter in the house. The Grade 11s learned how to get to bed on time (occasionally) and became the leaders who will be taking on the house next year. The Grade 12s contributed hours of duty and grew from kids to adults ready to face what lies beyond the Brentwood gates.
Our duty staff and Houseparents are the glue of the house. Mack House is blessed to have the endless support of our amazing house parents: Ms Cheung and Ms Coy. Additionally, our advisors and duty staff ensure that each student reaches success in academics, arts and athletics. Every night the students in the house sat down at their desks from 7:30 to 9:30 to devote time to their studies where they had the chance to get help from other students and the duty staff who come in on their specific days to supervise that prep is used efficiently and offer help to those who have any questions.
The Grade 11s have some tough shoes to fill next year, but we have the utmost confidence that they will lead the house with conviction, and continue to exceed expectations. As we head our separate ways, we will always keep Mack House in our fondest memories.
Veronica Chrenek & Chantal Pavlis, House Co-Captains

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