Friday, August 14, 2015 - By: Featherdawn Florkow, Alex ‘15; Photos by Joe K, Whittall ’16

We all know the sound a camera makes as it captures that perfect image: the little click of the shutter. For many, the image they just froze is of themselves, or their family—it was taken for fun and will only be looked at once or twice. For others though, such as Brentwood’s third year photography students, photographs mean much more.

Working hard all year, Brentwood’s fine art photographers put together an outstanding art show displaying three of their best images. In an exhaustive process, each student was heavily involved in the planning and productive of the show and opening reception.

Joe K, Whittall ’16 created the beautiful posters that were strewn about campus (by Kimmi G, Hope ’15) and the community (by Teagan W, Mack ’15 and Featherdawn F, Alex ’15). Cole P ‘Whitall ’15 created biographies of all the photographers to place next to their images, as well as name tags and print titles.

Not only did each student have an individual job, but they were also required to undergo a long process of print selection (and that’s after actually taking the pictures). Test prints were created and examined by fellow students until fifty photos were narrowed into three. From here, each student printed, framed, and hung their image.

After months of planning, the day of the opening reception came. The photographers dressed for the occasion and boarded the bus that would carry them to Just Jake’s restaurant in Duncan—the location of the show. From here, biographies were hung and pictures straightened. The next three hours consisted of discussion, anxiety, and joy as students met with potential buyers, and sometimes sold their print.

Prints were $125 each as students invested $60 into framing each one, meaning at least two needed to sell to earn any profit. Three photographers sold two prints, and many others sold one, with a total of about eleven prints selling altogether—an astonishing number!

A huge thank you from the entire fine art class to Mr. Paul Fletcher for teaching us how to excel, Toby C, Privett ’15 and Danny H, Privett ’16 for volunteering as servers, Claire A, Allard ’15 and Sam P, Mack ’15 for volunteering to sing, and to everyone who came to support the art show.

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