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Wednesday, November 06, 2019 - By: Hayden N, Ellis ‘22

On a wonderful October day, a group of happy (and a bit crazy) students set out to climb Maple Mountain. It was 1:45 pm when we boarded the bus that would take us to the trail entrance at the base of the mountain. When we got off the bus we were greeted with wonderful October weather - fog rolling over the mountain and a fine misty rain filling the air. "It was just about to spit" observed Evan C, Whittall 22.

Along with the moss and rock-covered trail, there erupted a song, a ridiculous song. Yes, it was that part of the hike: I had already gone insane. After enduring the wonderful zig-zagging climb and the motivational songs, the determined hikers finally reached a clearing.

It was here that ODP was struck with a wonderful idea. Why not share a bit of the wonderful weather (a complete downpour by now) with our Head of School, Mr Bud Patel. “Snap” the camera went as we captured a bit of the adventure - pictured above - and shared it with the world.

It was smooth sailing from there (assuming you were in a sinking boat in a hurricane) as the valeint hikers continued to climb to the end of the hike. The thing that amazed the group was that they only saw one other person (and a dog) during the whole hike. Who would want to miss out on the wonderful weather and a beautiful hike?

Well, all good things have to come to an end and so did the hike as we boarded a wonderfully warm and relaxing bus. As Jack P, Whittall ‘22 proclaimed  "The weather did nothing to deter us.” Yes, any day is a good day in Outdoor Pursuits.

Hayden N, Ellis ‘22

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