Lion King Jr.

Monday, December 04, 2017 - By: Dylan G & Eamon R; Photo by Mike Minckler

We assume you’ve all seen the Grade 8 musical Lion King, Jr. but there’s a lot more to the show than meets the eye. 

In the first practice, we were all really overwhelmed because it was still the first week of us being at our new school. We started out by saying the lines in a circle one at a time. The next practice we started to sing and choreograph the songs. Two weeks in and we still didn't know who we were going to play, so Mr. Newns took each of us into a room and listened to our singing “ability”. After a few more weeks we finally went onto the stage for our first look at where we would be performing. 

Two weeks before our first performance we got to see our amazing costumes. They took a while to get used to with all the quick changing and such, but after another week of practicing we were all very comfortable in them. And so came our first performance: everything went according to plan. The audience loved it and we even got some fan mail: our audience was composed of  elementary school students. The second and third performances were more … stressful to say the least because we performed in front of Brentwood students, staff and guests.

From the crawling ant, to the leaping antelope, the Grade 8 spectacle Lion King Jr. sure came in with a bang. Hundreds of people watched as the Grade 8s experienced and performed Disney’s classic. With three shows in a span of two days, these kids worked hard. 

Watch as Simba, Santiago E, and young simba, Edward L, learn what it means to be king. And feel the gravity in the brotherly rivalry between Mufasa, Kai Y, and Scar, Eamon R. The ruthless hunters, the three hyenas were, Abby R, Dylan G, and Samuel L. And feel the heartbreak of Sarabi, Reese VO, as her husband passes. Best friends with Simba, Mikayla V & Sofie C play Nala, the best friend and future wife of Simba. 

Or relax and forget your worries with the hakuna matata duo, Timon, Rylan R, and Pumba, Caiden T. African chants come from the koo-koo mangril, Rafiki, Emily R. Feel the vibration of the music, with the amazing extras and background vocalists. The flashing lights and invigorating music will surely have left you in shock. The 2017 performance was definitely one to remember, one we’ll never forget. 

Dylan G & Eamon R

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