Lifer’s Dinner

Thursday, May 30, 2019 - By: Nadia K, Hope ‘19

Lifers are a special breed here at Brentwood. Lifer refers to Grade 12s who have been at the school since the glory days of Grade 9, and for some, the glory days of Grade 8. 

In Grade 9, our class was made up 20 students who had continued from the Grade 8 program, joined by 55 new students, giving our class a total of 75. Today, out of that class of excited grade 9’s, 52 remain. As lifers, we’ve been able to watch the school transform over the years, but most notably, we’ve been able to watch each other transform. This past Monday, in honour of our four (or five) years at Brentwood, the Lifer’s Dinner was held for this special group of people. 

Held in the field house of the Foote Centre, the vent gave us the ability to reminisce and appreciate our time here through a beautifully prepared meal, great company, and many heartfelt speeches. Grady R, Privett, Haley H & Jaylnn B, Allard, Liam P, Whittall, Kady S, Alex, Michael L, Rogers, Jemma O, Mack, Daniel W, Ellis and Brylee M, Hope all delivered their speeches with ease and heart, noting some of their most memorable moments at the school. Mr Cowie was the MC for the evening, inputting his fair share of good memories, and never failing to put a smile on our faces. This year’s Lifer’s Dinner was also the first time Hope House has attended as the house’s first year of Grade 9’s are set to graduate in a matter of three weeks. 

“To me, being a lifer means going through every possible situation here at the school, experiencing the most, and the people around you turning into your family. It mean always having the support of you teachers, and feeling extremely connected and a part of Brentwood”  reflected Jacqueline H, Mack ‘19. 

From camping at Strathcona Park Lodge to our final year of high school, this group has been through it all together. After we depart on June 22, we’ll always continue to be family to one another. 

Thank you to our Houseparents, food services, Mrs Martin, and the volunteer servers for such a memorable evening. 

Nadia K, Hope ‘19 

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