Let’s Start With The Basics

Sunday, March 14, 2021 - By: Baya I, Hope ‘23

Among many other things, Brentwood is known for its rowing programs. The oceanfront campus is an ideal place for students to row during arts afternoons or on sports days. Brentwood has one of the only indoor rowing tanks in the country, dozens of ergs, and a boathouse lined with rowing shells.

Our school has had enormous success with rowing around the world. Brentwood has sent 23 grads to the Olympics, over 200 grads to prestigious universities for rowing, over 80 rowing scholarships have been awarded from universities including Princeton and Harvard, Brentwood rowers have earned over $12,000,000 in scholarships, 17 grads have represented Canada at the Under 23 level since 2001. Likewise, 104 Under 23 or Senior World Rowing Championships and 78 World Cup Regattas since 1999 have had Brentwood grads competing in them and Brentwood grads have been on the Junior National teams in Canada (64), United States (3) and Germany (2) since 1976.

Although some choose Brentwood because they are already rowers, most students become rowers at Brentwood. Along with competitive rowing programs on arts and sports afternoons, we offer a Learn to Row program during first and third term sport. Individuals with very little to no experience rowing can join and start by learning the very basics of rowing. “It’s a super fun experience. I didn’t initially want to do it, but as soon as you get out on the water it’s a blast!” says Skye P, Alexandra ‘23. In the Spring term Learn to Row, students start off by touring the boatshed, erging, and rowing in the indoor tank; later, they move to the water on the wider coastal boats and oarboards to learn rowing techniques and balance.

“Learn to Row is an amazing choice for a sport as it teaches you so much about teamwork” says Abby W, Hope ‘23. In addition to getting your exercise, rowing emphasizes working as a team and coordination as important skills.

So, even if you didn’t come to Brentwood for rowing, we have an option for you to learn to row!

Baya I, Hope ‘23

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