Let’s Eat!

Friday, April 28, 2017 - By: Olamide O, Privett ‘18

It’s Regatta time once again at Brentwood and the campus population essentially triples overnight, and with people, there needs to be food. Fortunately, Mr. Flynn’s Entrepreneurship students have spent their whole year preparing for this three-day event, creating tasty treats for public enjoyment. With so many options available to the masses, I took it upon myself to tastetest an item from the menu of each booth and share it with you (thanks for this assignment, Mr. Ganley!). So I put on my shades, took to the plaza with my best Guy Fieri impression, and dug in. 

I started my voyage at Cheeky Churros. The bubbly crew was happy to supply me with a helping of their merchandise. The combination of sugary churros plus sweet Nutella dipping sauce is sure to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. It was definitely a great first stop on my culinary journey. 

I headed to Cosmic Gyro for a more savoury snack. Crew member Noah W, Privett ‘18, is well travelled and has had his share of gyros during his lifetime; he aims to transfer his international experience to the Brentwood Regatta scene and give customers “an authentic gyro sensation.” Indeed, the gyros were enjoyable, with the Greek-seasoned fries in the sandwich proving to be a perfect touch. 

Staying on the theme of lunch foods, I sauntered towards Prime Panini to sink my teeth into some of their delicious sandwiches; birthday girl Eva S, Mackenzie ‘18, gave the group “a solid 10/10.” Sure enough, their Early Bird Panini was near-restaurant quality. Head man Will N, Ellis ‘18, stated that “every panini is grilled with love.” I certainly tasted the love. 

My hankering for something sweet returned, and before I knew it, I was in front of the Beaver Tailz booth, ordering a Nutella and Strawberry beaver tail. When I asked about customer reception, Will H, Whittall ‘18, told me a customer had referred to their beaver tails as life changing, a very apt description for a truly tasty treat. Even sweeter was the crew’s use of cute ninth-grader Nathan F, Privett ‘20, for publicity; dressed in a beaver costume, Nathan took to the plaza promoting the booth. 

After a short digestion break, I stopped by The Twist to partake in their pretzel creations. When I asked why they believed they would succeed, Thomas B, Ellis ‘18, responded “Who doesn't love pretzels?” Following a bowl of sweet and salty pretzel nibs, I find no fault with his logic. 

Just next door were the Pie Gurus who specialized in, well, pies naturally. They offered me a plate of their blueberry pie – which I happily accepted – and paired with caramel sauce and whipped cream made a perfect desert. 

Looking for something a bit more filling, I walked across the way to the Toasted Grilled Cheese Co. Their Early Sandwich was divine; the gooey cheese and crispy bacon were positively delectable. The addition of a cold lemonade hit the spot. 

Last, but certainly not least, I went over to the Sausage House, who were already famous for their “Hacos”, a combination of a hotdog and a taco. I stuck with a regular hotdog, but I can assure you it was extraordinarily flavourful.

I’m certain everyone on campus can find something they love on the Founders’ Plaza. With bumping tunes to match the fantastic food, it is the place to be - you know, besides being on the water rowing at such a prestigious event. But you get the point. This has been Olamide O with Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives: Brentwood Edition!

Olamide O, Privett ‘18

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