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Thursday, November 19, 2020 - By: Lucas K, Whittall ‘22

For the last three years at Brentwood I have been enrolled in an incredible academic program known as the Learning Centre. This class allows students to develop academic skills and integrity as well as staying organized while, most importantly, staying on top of their work.

The program is run by Ms Nasmith and Ms Pettit who have not only had a very positive effect on me but also on scores of students throughout our school. To best sum up the program, Ms Pettit says “Most importantly the LC coaches students to be independent self advocates who can take responsibility, with confidence, for their own learning.”

One-on-one student-to-student as well as teacher-to-student help is offered during class along with the ability to get your own assignments/tasks done. Subject-specific help is also provided with each teacher specializing in one or multiple subjects. This block definitely helps manage the homework load each night and also makes for a much less stressful year.

Perhaps the most valuable skill I have added to my repertoire since joining the class is self advocacy. At Brentwood this skill is incredibly important when it comes to letting your instructors know you will be away or if you need clarification on an assigned task. My classmate, Youki I, Whittall ‘23 claims that this is also his most important skill saying “Without self advocacy, school would end up being much more difficult just because of a lack of communication”.

If you are a student at Brentwood, or a person who is thinking about coming here, I highly recommend taking this class because it definitely benefits your academic experience. I look forward to finishing out my high school career with these two great teachers supporting me all along the way.

Lucas K, Whittall ‘22

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