Know Pain, Know Gain

Monday, January 06, 2020 - By: Cade M, Privett ‘20; Photo by Ian McPherson

Cross Training is a sport option at Brentwood available during all three terms. The sport offers a great environment to challenge yourself and get fit. You learn unique ways to push yourself to limits you never thought you could reach. The program is run by Mr Langer, Ms Hall and Mrs Stevens. Each coach helps motivate everyone to do their best and push beyond their expectations physically and mentally. Together they plan different events and activities to try out every Saturday class. Usually as a class we have a set workout that is instructed by the three coaches. Often the workouts involve rotating stations that range from cardio-based exercises to specific muscle-strengthening activities.

In cross training I have been challenged and pushed far past my assumed capability. The motivation and support is inspiring and is what keeps me going. When Kenton L, Rogers ‘20 was asked to describe the atmosphere of the cross training gym he said that XT is an, “Open minded and supportive, however, it consistently holds everyone to their highest level of ability.” I couldn't have said it better myself.

This term of cross training for Kenton isn’t his first rodeo: he’s a seasoned veteran and has ventured into the sport in previous years at Brentwood. The workouts have “gotten more intense and challenging compared to last year”. No kidding! The workouts are no walk in the park, however, the “feeling of fulfillment after completing the workout” makes it all worthwhile!

Every Saturday we tackle an alternate activity from our usual routine that brings us out into the community beyond the Brentwood gates. For example, the group has gone hiking up Cobble Hill  Mountain as well as various other local mountains and trails. This past Saturday we volunteered with the hockey team in order to collect non-perishable food items, bottles and cans for returnables as well as accepted cash donations on behalf of the Mill Bay Food Bank.

Being a part of a team, whether on the field or in the gym, allows one to reach their own goals while supporting others with similar passions. If this sounds like something you have been waiting to try do not hesitate to join cross training and test your limits!

Cade M, Privett ‘20

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