Kindness Week

Monday, February 27, 2017 - By: Vivian F, Hope ‘18; Photo by Brent Lee

As a result of the collaboration between the SAC, SPARC, Grad Council, and BEAT, Kindness Week was organized to celebrate compassion and kindness in our community. Events took place all week embracing kindness. 

Grad President Olivia B, Alex ‘17 and her crew put many hours into this event, even coming in during break to ensure that every student in the school received a candy gram on her or his desk when she or he returned from break and that every staff member received a candy gram.  

February 16th was Brentwood Pride Day. Students dressed up in rainbow colours (representing an open-minded community) to show support for LGBDQ+ issues. It revealed that Brentwood students genuinely acknowledge and accept each other’s diverse identities.

On Pride Day the cafeteria was decorated with balloons and food that was plated with sprinkles and colorings. That evening, guest speaker Ivan Coyote held a presentation in the Bunch Theatre. Ivan used humorous stories to admonish exclusion and bullying. Students were actively engaged in the presentation and the theatre was filled with laughter and applause.

On Saturday, Java Hut, a casual event for students to present their talents, took place in the old caf. Students were served Timbits, hot chocolate and genuine performances in a cozy environment.

On Monday, it was Random Act of Kindness Day. Students were encouraged to take small actions positive actions. These actions could simply be a smile or a compliment. Students were also spotted picking up garbage and tidying up chairs in the cafeteria.

On Wednesday, Brentwood was a sea of pink. All the students and staff dressed in pink to take a stand against bullying. At cookie break students gathered on Campbell Common where Mr Lee used a drone to photograph and videotape the moment. 

Thank you to SAC, SPARC, Grad Council, BEAT and Mrs. McLean, Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Martin & Nurse Jasmin for organizing such amazing events. Kindness Week was genuinely a time when students could support each other and put their good will into action.

Vivian F, Hope ‘18

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