Kindness Week Community Cleanup

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - By: Virginia W, Mackenzie ‘18

Students and staff were encouraged to take part in a community cleanup this past Saturday in an event organized by the Student Executive Council. More than a hundred and one students were able to contribute to the cleanup as they either came as a sports team or on their own accord. To encourage students to participate, there were prizes available for the persons who could fill an entire garbage bag first. 

“This cleanup was a great way for Brentwood to give back to the local community and teach the Brentwood staff and students some valuable lessons about the environment, selflessness, and compassion” reflected Morgan W, Allard ‘18.  As part of kindness week, the SEC thought it would be smart to bring awareness to the need to keep our community clean. 

This cleanup was the largest in recent Brentwood history and is planned to become an annual event on the last day of term two sport durning Kindness Week. More than ten garbage bins were filled, and the community cleanup was a success: “It was a fun way to collaborate as a school to serve the greater community” said Andrea M, Mackenzie ‘18. 

A big thank you goes out to our Student Executive Council and Will H, Whittall '18 for the planning and organizing that went into making this community event possible. And extreme gratitude to everyone who participated in the successful cleanup.  

Virginia W, Mackenzie ‘18

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