Kindness Week

Saturday, March 09, 2019 - By: Amelia H, Allard ‘20

It’s the one thing we have been told to be our whole lives, yet remains shockingly undefined: kindness. To kickstart the inclusive atmosphere of our kindness week, Mr. Luna gave a talk on the somewhat ambiguous definition of what it is to be kind. He unpacked the idea that it is both “natural”, and “vulnerable” to offer equality in the act of kindness. Oftentimes being ‘nice’ is equated with being kind, however there is definitionally something much more personal, and profoundly touching, in the latter. 

Leaving that assembly, we were encouraged to turn the kindness that is innate to all of us into actions, which first manifested itself in the Staff Appreciation day. From delivering baskets filled with delicious goodies, to students serving the staff in a gourmet lunch, the student body tried to put into action our profound gratitude to all the hardworking staff. 

From the BEAT, our environmental action team, kindness week brought us the warm clothing drive. Students from all houses showed extreme generosity in gathering boxes upon boxes of warm clothing for local individuals in need during this cold winter. 

Finally, SPARC reminded us that kindness must be internal as well. Recognizing our closest friends and even ourselves is the best way to be able to extend kindness to others. The ‘gratitude board’ was brought back into the cafeteria, wherein students could post notes directed at others, telling them they are grateful. Within a mere day or two, the board was filled with cute notes of true sentiment. 

But, of course, kindness week just was not complete without one final touch: puppies. Once again, the puppy room was brought to Brentwood. Day students, local teachers, everyone, brought their cutest canine pals so we could all de-stress and take some time to be kind to ourselves.

I would like to especially thank the SAC, BEAT, SPARC and Grad Council, for helping to put this amazing week together." 

Amelia H, Allard ‘20 

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