Kindness Week

Sunday, March 11, 2018 - By: Grace L, Allard ‘19

Kindness Week was hosted by the SAC, starting from World Kindness Day, on February 21st to the 28th. 

Students kicked off the week by dressing in their country’s colours, and ended day #1 with a South Korean dinner. The whole school was especially vibrant on that day with all the students out of their uniforms and showing pride for their countries. 

On Thursday the 22nd, the school gathered in the Killy Theatre and watched an inspirational presentation by Ms Bell regarding grit and joy, which are two values we celebrate here at Brentwood. Ms Bell made lovely videos of Brentwood students talking about what grit and joy mean to them, what their personal experiences with those values are, and how grit and joy are correlated. 

A community clean up was held on Friday and it received great participation and success, with the winning group winning a gift card as a reward for their hard work. Students walked around the local neighbourhood and picked up tons of garbage left along the highway and in the creeks. Even though most students did not win a prize, it was still tremendously rewarding to contribute to the protection of our environment. The BEAT council also collected warm clothing, mittens and hats on Thursday for the less fortunate. 

Kindness was carried into the new week as Pride Day was celebrated on Monday when students dressed in house colours and took a photo in the formation of a rainbow flag on Campbell Common during cookie break. Prior to Pride Day, Sarah L, OMNI Captain, Allard ‘18 read an email from a Brentwood alumni telling his story of coming to terms with his sexuality. This educated us and gave students a perspective that many of us might not have. 

On Tuesday the 27th students were encouraged to write an email to someone they are grateful for, and the goal was for 500+ emails to be sent throughout the world. BC and Alberta Guide Dog puppies were then brought to the school and many of us had the delightful opportunity to meet those adorable canines. Kindness Week ended on the 28th with Pink Shirt Day, and everyone was encouraged to dress in pink in order to raise awareness for mental health issues and anti-bullying at school. 

Kindness Week was a powerful reminder for all students that kindness on the campus is absolutely crucial and should never be overlooked. With the week behind us, we are all hoping to carry those values and incorporate them into our daily lives. 

Grace L, Allard ‘19

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