KidLit Elective - Nurturing the Inner Child

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - By: Haley H, Allard ‘19; Photo by Luke A, Whittall '19

In the past, the Grade 10 English curriculum had included a provincial exam at the beginning of May. Because of this, much material taught leading up to the exam was focused on what was on the curriculum guide. Luckily, the English teachers came up with the perfect end-of-year unit that kept English 10 interesting, the genre unit. This year, although we Grade 10s did not write a provincial exam, we still had the opportunity to participate in the genre unit, something we were all very excited about. 

I, along with around forty other classmates in two blocks, chose the Children's Literature genre, more commonly known as KidLit. KidLit is set up so that every week our class travels to read to and play with a kindergarten little buddy from Bonner Elementary. By the end of the month, we've gotten to know these children well and have written a story based on their interests and gigantic imaginations. 

I think all of us can say that there were many nerves apparent on our first bus ride over to Bonner. We wondered whether our buddies would like us, what they liked to play with, and even pondered the stressful possibility that they might find us boring! I think I can speak for the whole class and assure you that our worries disappeared as soon as we saw 21 smiling five-year-old faces looking at us in awe as we entered their classroom. 

From there, we made crafts, read books, and laughed on the playground. It was almost as if we were in kindergarten again and our weekly trips to Bonner provided our class with the relaxation and laughs we needed as Brentwood life picked up during these last weeks of school. 

There are many people that this amazing month would not have been possible without. Firstly, a huge thank you to Ms Hedquist for staying patient with us as we encountered the daunting tasks of formatting, writing, and the scariest of all, coloring our children’s novels. Another thank you to the kindergarten teachers at Bonner Elementary for being so involved in this unit. And lastly, I think my whole class would like to express our appreciation to our little buddies for always putting a smile on our faces. Kidlit continues to be an amazing and unique experience for everyone who is a part of it.

Haley H, Allard ‘19

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