Justice Theater

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 -

This Wednesday September 29th the grade 9 class and the new grade 10 students will be treated to a workshop on "Cyber-bullying" put on by the Justice Theater Law School whose mandate is to "offer hour-long performances on a range of topics affecting young people, including bullying, street racing, shoplifting and hate crimes. These performances are a great way to raise awareness and to stimulate discussion of these issues among students. Each performance includes an introduction, presentation of evidence, jury deliberation, and student discussion. The interactive nature of these performances will involve students as decision-makers".

The mock trials help give an understanding of the Canadian justice system and the mechanics of a trial in addition to an understanding of the legal issue being discussed. In this case, the trial is expected to bring home the potential seriousness of disrespectful communication via the internet.

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