Junior Tennis Ties SLS

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - By: Mark D, Rogers '15

On Thursday, May 9th Brentwood’s Junior Tennis team headed to Shawnigan Lake School for some fierce competition with our black and yellow shirted opponents. They arrived with determination and grit, hoping to take home a victory.

The first match began at 4:00 and all games were timed sets. In the first 25 minute round, the score was 3 wins and 3 losses. The second set ended with success for Santiago G and Iñigo O, whose exotic talents prevailed when matched against tough Shawnigan players. This dynamic duo battled bravely and impressed both sides as they went on to win every game that they played.

Johanna H and Natalie L played their hearts out all afternoon, and faced a lot of skilled competition, but SLS ended up prevailing with a 4-2 advantage.

After a long day of immense work and great games by all of our junior players, we ended up tying Shawnigan. This was the last official competition for the team, but our junior players will be competing against each other in our internal round robin tournament, which will take place on our home courts later this term.

Mark D, Rogers ‘15

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