Junior Soccer Scores ISA Bronze

Friday, October 04, 2013 - By: Will M

Last Friday the Junior Boys Soccer team set off for their first tournament of the year, the Independent Schools Association Championship. We left early on Friday morning and set off for SMUS in Victoria for our first game against Shawinigan Lake School, which we handily won 5-0. Excited by our victory, we went on to play Southridge and, after a tough game in pouring rain, managed to win in penalty kicks.

On Saturday we returned two men short and, with only one sub; we played two grueling games against GNS and SMUS, but came up short in both, losing the first 4-2 and the second 2-0, despite much close play and some excellent scoring opportunities. In the end we brought home the ISA bronze medal. Congratulations lads.

Will M, Captain, Privett  ’16

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