Junior Rugby Kicking Off the Season

Monday, September 15, 2008 - By: Tony Healy

This coming Saturday will see the junior rugby program begin the ISA season with the Junior Colts traveling to St. Michaels University School for their annual rugby jamboree. The schedule of games for the Grade 9 Brentwood boys will be as follows:
   10 a.m. Brentwood College School 'A' v SMUS 'A'
   11 a.m. Brentwood 'B' v Shawnigan Lake School 'B'
   12 p.m. Brentwood 'A' v Shawnigan 'A'
   1 p.m. Brentwood 'A' v St. George's 'A'
   2 p.m. Brentwood 'B' v St. George's 'B'
The Brentwood Colts begin their ISA season with the annual Shawnigan Lake School jamboree. The boys will travel to Shawnigan for a full day of rugby. The Colts schedule of games is as follows:
   12 p.m. Shawnigan 'A' v Brentwood 'A' (Main field)
   1 p.m. SMUS 'A' v Brentwood 'A'
   1:30 p.m. Brentwood 'B' v Shawnigan 'B' (Top Field)
   2 p.m. Brentwood 'A' v St. George's 'A'
   2 p.m. Brentwood 'B' v St. George's 'B' (Top Field)

Tony Healy

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