Junior Rowing

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 - By: Claire S & Thomas L, Junior Rowing Captains

Rowing is truly one of the most special programs at Brentwood. These past nine months with the junior program have gone by so quickly, with many amazing memories created while pushing through those last 500 meters of the race, finding out your crew is going to nationals, and the many beautiful mornings we spend out on the water. Having to wake up and find the motivation to row every other morning is something that not everyone has. 

Everyone in the program is determined and motivated, working hard to make the boats the best they can be. When we wake up and put all our efforts into the boats, it makes us dependant on each other: we know that everyone in the program is much more than just a teammate. Once our practices are over, we all look forward to taking up a full, long table in Crooks. It’s nice knowing that everyone at that table can relate to what you’re going through, whether it's the lack of sleep you're getting or the blisters that take up most of our hands. When you know that the past nine months have all been working for this race, you push your hardest, you use that last bit of energy you can scrape from the bottom of your physical capacity and you push aside the pain, because you cannot let down your rowing family. During the race the coxswain is yelling and everyone’s legs are burning but we don't give up, because our coaches are shouting from the docks and everyone else in your boat is depending on you. Then, when you finally cross the finish line with limp limbs and red faces, you know that you did your best. 

Rowing at Brentwood gives kids a place to come together as a team every day. The coaches are our motivation, because they put so much work into our progress and the program itself. That is what it means to be a Brentwood rower. That is what it means to be a part of the rowing family.

Claire S & Thomas L, Junior Rowing Captains

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