Junior Provincial Tennis

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - By: Henry W, Privett ‘20 & Mariia S, Mackenzie '20; Photo by Jim Ganley, Privett '34

It was a tough two days full of close matches for the Brentwood Junior Tennis team Junior Provincial Tournament hosted by Brentwood in Vancouver. On Wednesday, May 9th the team left and they played until Friday May 11th. There were four teams, two boys’ teams of four and two girls’ teams of four. The boys placed sixth and the girls got fourth.  

When the junior team arrived on Wednesday in Burnaby it was extremely warm and sunny. We had a quick practice session all together to prepare for playing the next day, got dinner, and then went to the hotel to get a good night’s sleep before our early start the following morning. 

The tournament was set up with a traditional bracket system and teams progressed by winning the majority of six matches played by the four players on each team. The players each play a singles and doubles game back to back against their opponents and if, at the end of the six matches, there is a three to three tie then a ten point super tie breaker is played by a doubles team. The team struggled and lost a few matches, but won the majority of them on Thursday and moved on to Friday. 

On Friday there were more challenges for the team. In their first matches of the day the boys played SMUS and our matches resulted in a three to three tie with one match resulting in a 9-7 tie breaker won by SMUS. This sent Brentwood and SMUS into the ten point super tiebreaker played by doubles team Quincy O, Privett ‘20 and Pedro P, Ellis ‘20, which they won 12-10. The next set of matches played also resulted in another 3-3 tie, causing Quincy and Pedro to compete in yet another tiebreaker which they, unfortunately, lost 10-4.

But girls team did pretty well. They won all their matches at the first day but lost some the second day. Eventually girls got fourth place. It was a good tournament full of many heated matches and despite Brentwood not performing as well as we would have liked, it was a definite success for growth, experience and fun.

Henry W, Privett ‘20 & Mariia S, Mackenzie '20

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