Junior ISA Field Hockey

Monday, October 16, 2017 - By: Chaya N, Mackenzie 20; Photo by Jim Ganley

This weekend, Brentwood’s Junior field Hockey team played in the ISA tournament, hosted by Shawnigan Lake School. We were a team of Grade 9 and 10s, made up of two development players, two from the 1st XI and the rest from the 2nd XI. We had a great mix of skill and speed. This team had never practiced all together, but, surprisingly enough, when we got onto the turf we all connected, which made us play very well. 

Our first game, on Friday Oct, 13th, was against the Shawnigan’s development team: we won 1-0. I have to say that we played our best in this game; everyone played strong and hard. Our second game that day was against Collingwood. We, unfortunately, lost 7-0. It was a rough loss, but we put our chins up to work even better for the next game. We had a good night of sleep, to play again the next morning. 

On Saturday, we played against York House and they beat us 1-0 but that didn’t let us down; we got together for the last game to play as strong as we possibly could. We put all our effort into what we were doing, played against St. Michael’s and, thankfully, all our effort payed off. We won 3-0! I'm very proud to say that we placed 5th overall. 

This weekend was an amazing learning experience for all our players, especially for our development members who had never played in a tournament. Good work to all our players, and thank you for putting your time and effort into this weekend. I would like to thank the team, our bus driver, Derek Garside and, of course, Mrs. Whitney & Mrs Martin. It was a time that we’ll remember forever. 

Chaya N, Mackenzie 20

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