Junior Girls Soccer Success

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 - By: Mr. Paul Collis, Proud Coach

This year’s edition of the Junior gals began the year with drive, determination, and lopsided losses. We lost at home. We lost on the road. We lost in our restless dreams.

And then, one misty April morning, spring arrived. Hyacinths bloomed, birds flocked home, and the Junior gals underwent one of the more remarkable pollinations in sporting history.

They say that the ISA tournament is a symbolic harvest where the wicked are weeded out and the virtuous held aloft in a cornucopia of triumph. Our first game was against Victorian powerhouse SMUS, who took the lead early and held, held, held until the penultimate minute of regulation, when Nairee ‘the human cultivator’ P scored one of the more agricultural goals in recent memory. Next came Crofton, whom Captain Cate 'the pruner' B and company raked aside 3-1. 

The following morning, soccer academy GNS were buried 3-1 beneath the sod of our contempt, and who should be waiting in the final? None other than the canker blossoms of SMUS. This time, they did not score; they did not score, as they never managed a shot on net. Perhaps their ears were ringing from the number of blasts we clanged off their crossbar, or perhaps their hearts were broken by Sarah ‘I bring the scythe’ B’s victorious strike. 

The grass is green, the larks are singing, and Brentwood Junior Girls are champions again.

Mr. Paul Collis, Proud Coach

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