Junior Girls Soccer

Saturday, May 14, 2016 - By: Mr. Paul Collis; Photo by Petra J, Mackenzie '16

Every year has its own narrative: this was the year of Chloe. #7 of Shawinigan torched us with hat-tricks each time we played. Yes, this BCS team could beat all the local minnows, and did so multiple times, and I'm sure this year's squad would have beaten last year's championship team, but when Chloe appeared, so did misery. 

Fate, of course, conspired to have BCS and SLS meet in the bronze medal game of the ISA tournament. Fate wanted this match to happen so badly, she broke the arms of anyone we put in goal on multiple occasions. 

The sun was merciless that day, and so was #7. But, despite Chloe's sadism, despite back-up Grade 8 keeper Sarah B fighting illness, despite Morgan W’s limp hair, Chloe could not score.  

My quartet of Grade 8s, my blonde Co-Captains Kara L and Kayla B, my veterans from last season - all have the bruises of honour to celebrate, if not a trophy, at least a 1-1 draw and no Chloe on the score sheet. I was feeling pretty good about life until coach Kulai told me the news: Chloe is in Grade 8. 

Clear eyes & full hearts, lasses. 

Mr. Paul Collis

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