Junior Colts Rugby

Friday, January 10, 2020 - By: Mr Phil Smith, Coach

The Brentwood Grade 8 & 9 rugby team had one of its most successful seasons to date. We had heaps of players, all full of talent and courage, and we improved substantially in a short while. Most notably, we recorded some excellent results against top teams.
The team was led superbly by Will C, who showed the determination he had honed as a rower, and who quickly became one of our most reliable tacklers and ruckers. He was supported up front by Will H, initially a baller with baggy shorts, who steadily found the grittier aspects of rugby to his liking, and by Finn G, a quiet contributor whose work ethic spoke more than anything he might utter.
In the back, we were blessed with a multi-pronged attack that used the athleticism of several standouts: Beau B was an experienced player, who combined slick footwork with a strong fend; Axel H was a powerful runner who sought out the hard stuff; and Anton S, whose jiggy-jaggy sidestep and disco spin move that left defenders grasping at air.
We also had our biggest contingent of Grade 8 players in recent memory: eight 8s showed the courage to compete against older players. Sebastian E showed particular grit in a scrimmage against SMUS, in which he tackled their most dangerous runner which led to a turnover and try. Norbert M impressed too, showing the speed to out-gas opponents.
We had friendly scrimmages against SMUS, Shawnigan, St George’s, and Collingwood. Our most notable result was a shared first place in the BC Invitational Sevens, in which we had victories over Collingwood, Saints, and SMUS. But most rewarding to see was the commitment we from each player at both practice and games. No matter how wet or cold, no matter the score, we worked hard and supported each other. The Brentwood rugby program is looking good for the foreseeable future.
Mr Phil Smith, Coach

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