Junior Colts Open Season and Alter Minds

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 - By: Campbell W, Grade 8, Photos by Wendy Patel

It was first game and first blood for the juniors on Thursday against our rivals Shawinigan and Saint Michaels. It was thrilling. This was a complete learning curve.

Rugby is a fast as NASCAR; something changes every second. Everyone on the team is friendly and cheers you on as you push onward. The coaches are knowledgeable; they know the game. They are always open to questions and are there to help. 

It was also great having Mr. Patel referee because he was always giving suggestions on how to do better. 

When I first looked at rugby, I saw big bloody men trying to kill each other. Now I see a group of friendly guys giving each other lots of hugs in the scrum.

The whole team made some excellent tackles and runs including Ciaran B just making it over the touch line. Mide O did some fancy twists and turns to make it through their lineup and scored a try. Matt MP made some excellent tackles against St. Michael’s on Thursday, but he pulled a hamstring at the end of game one and had to watch the rest. It was great having the athletic therapist within arms’ reach in case anything happened. 

It was two close losses for Brentwood but we carried on with our heads held high. See you on the pitch next week.

Campbell W, Grade 8

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