Junior Boys Top Cowichan

Monday, May 20, 2013 - By: Paul L, Whittall ā€˜15

Last Tuesday the Brentwood Junior Boys Rugby team played an exhibition game against Cowichan SS. Even though it was only an exhibition game, the boys had prepared diligently and were ready to bring on the heat. With a cool breeze blowing across the field, the game commenced.

The boys started off strongly, maintaining their focus and roles as team players. Both Reid A and Reid V scored tries, blowing past the Cowichan defence and taking the lead for Brentwood. Mark Yā€™s impressive speed and Laurenz Sā€™ incredible strength earned Brentwood two more tries, ending the game with a score of 22-12.

Along with the scorers, the Junior Boys also played amazing transition defence and showed no fear of physical contact. As a member of this impressive defensive effort, Keaten A proved how much of a threat he can be on the field, employing outstanding tactics and tackling with no mercy.

The boys will now enjoy a well-deserved midterm break before returning to action in late May.

Paul L, Whittall ā€˜15

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