Junior Boys Soccer

Monday, November 14, 2016 - By: Mr. Paul Collis; Photo by Jim Ganley

Each year has its own narrative arc: this season SMUS provided the curve. SMUS, my alma mater, somehow beat us at the ISA tournament in September thanks to witchcraft, officiating miscues, and masonic activity, but, Nostradmus-like, I took it with equanimity, for I am patient. 

Sure enough, as sure as Ope will be late for the bus, we came face to face with SMUS in the final group game at the Island Championships: if SMUS won, they went to the final. They rubbed their hands in anticipation. They smiled dazzlingly at the media. They mentally made line-ups for the final. They regaled each other with anecdotes about famous alumni Steve Nash and that soccer legend from 1989. 

Final score?  Brentwood 2, Hubris 1. 

Mr. Paul Collis

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