Junior Boys Rugby

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 - By: Harrison H, Privett ‘17, Captain, #8; Photo by Linnea M, Allard '17

Brentwood’s Junior Boys rugby team had an amazing season. With most players new to the game, the team had many opportunities to improve their individual and group skills. With five of the junior players going on the rugby tour to Argentina (Aidan H, William MP, Santiago G, Ethan Y, & Harrison H) the team had some great leaders to encourage and navigate the team. 

Midway in the season twelve select players travelled to St. George’s to compete in the Provincial 7s. With little 7s experience and only two dedicated practices, we knew it would be a challenge, but Brentwood managed to rack up points and make it to the finals despite the lack of familiarity in the game. We faced off in the finals against the previous champions, Shawnigan Lake, and earned a Silver BC medal.

The season reached a peak at the end of May when Brentwood hosted the Island Championship. Brentwood first faced the Barbarians. It was a tough and gritty game but Brentwood eventually came up on the other side with a win. The next game was against Oak Bay. With our heads held high, we marched onto the field to discover a better team than we had played and beaten twice before. The game was close and to the boy’s dismay, Oak Bay came out with the win. 

The next day the team rushed onto the pitch feeling sore and stiff but ready to finish what we had started. Set to face Claremont for the third place finish, we had high hopes despite losing to this tough side earlier in the season. But as the wise Honey Badger once said, “[We] were tough as woodpecker lips” and won the game 47-24.

Though we did not finish our season exactly the way we would have liked, the team gave it all we had and that’s all I could have asked from such a fine group of lads. With constant progression throughout the season, the Grade 9s have much to look forward to in next year’s season and upcoming UK tour. As for the Grade 10s, I wish them the best in their first senior season next year.

Harrison H, Privett ‘17, Captain, #8

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