Junior Boys Capture Bronze in BC

Saturday, May 13, 2017 - By: Marc Y, Rogers ‘19 & Vladislav P, Rogers ‘19; Photo by Shane Thompson

On 21st of April, the province watched as the best junior rugby boys made their way to the BC Rugby 7’s tournament. The 12 best junior players from Brentwood had travelled to St. George’s in Vancouver to compete against some of most talented players in Canada. 

The boys worked hard and showed the province everything they had to give. After many hard fought games, Brentwood ended up receiving Bronze after Shawnigan Lake School (Silver) and St. George's (Gold).

The trip started off with 35 determined athletes heading to Vancouver for their friendly rugby 15s match against St. George’s. After countless hours of sitting in cramped bus seats, ferry rides, and eating sandwiches that the cafe always gives to sports teams, the boys arrived at the big green fields of the St. George’s. The team played hard against the seemingly flawless host team. Even though we scored a few nice tries the team lost by a close margin.

However, for the selected 12 students, this game was not the only purpose of the trip. The 7’s players gathered up after the match to meet their St. George’s family, who generously offered to have the team over to stay the night. The next morning, training started at 8:30 am. The weather was great, and the athletes were ready for many tough games ahead. 

The first kick-off started at 11 am against West Vancouver and Brentwood was able to pick up an easy win thanks to Matthew MP, Rogers ‘19’s quick steps. Fueled by the win, Brentwood won the rest of their games in the group stage, which placed them in the semi-finals against St. George’s.

We were determined to avenge our defeat from the day before. The game looked solid as Brentwood scored two early tries by Torren K, Privett ‘20 and Matthew. However, St. George’s caught up and tied the score by half time. Brentwood retaliated after the half with a try from Ope A, Rogers ‘19, which put us up by one try.

Unfortunately, the team suffered a big loss after two of the starting players got injured. The game ended in a close five tries to three. After a long day the players were tired and weary, however they still had one more match for the title of 3rd place in British Columbia against Collingwood. After a hard fought game, Brentwood was able to defeat Collingwood when Caden K, Whittall ‘19 scored a try in overtime. Although the team lost the title of best in the province, we made Brentwood proud by displaying unrivaled levels determination and ambition.

Congratulations to these Bronze medallists: Matthew MP, Rogers ‘19, Vladislav P, Rogers ‘19, Joel C, Rogers ‘19, Ope A, Rogers ‘19, Pedro P, Ellis ‘20, Jacob B, Ellis ‘19, Liam M, Whittall ‘19, Dylan G, Whittall ‘19, Cale W, Whittall ‘19, Caden K, Whittall ‘19, Torren K, Privett ‘20, & Blake C, Privett ‘19.

Marc Y, Rogers ‘19 & Vladislav P, Rogers ‘19

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