Junior B Volleyball - CViAA Champs

Saturday, December 21, 2019 - By: Sofie C & Anna D, Captains

Our season of Junior B Volleyball began with a tournament in Nanaimo after having only two practices together as a team. Everyone was just learning each other's name and we were expected to know who to set to and who would take the first ball. Since then, we had many games and tournaments and our season of fall volleyball came to an end with the CVIAA tournament. The team played exceptionally well and ended up winning the whole tournament with no lost games. We ended the final game with our cheer in the huddle and listed everyone’s positive influence on the team.

Every single girl on this team has improved her own volleyball skills, but as a team we grew at least double that amount. We have played almost exclusively A teams this season and have won matches against AAA schools.

Ms Scheck has been a truly supportive and amazing coach, and has acted like a court mom for all the players on the team. She inspired all of us to play with grit and joy, never give up, and, most importantly, have fun - but maybe also win a game or two. We will deeply miss this team with Elora W always supporting us with Irish chants and Ms Scheck telling us from the sidelines to move back to home zone. We were so grateful that we were given the opportunity to lead this amazing team this year.

Sofie C & Anna D, Captains

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