Junior B Volleyball

Saturday, December 18, 2021 - By: Annika Maiorino, Alex ‘24; Photo by Paul Fletcher

And just like that, the Junior B Volleyball team's season is over. We came out on top at the CVIAA Championships but that did not come without us learning a ton.

Throughout the season we worked on several aspects of the game, and we learned so much. Every practice, game, and tournament came as learning experiences for all of us. The biggest thing we learned was how to work together as a team. Once that came as a strength to us, we played ten times better and stronger. Although some of our practices were harder than others - whether it was the time or just that we all had a long day and volleyball was the last thing on our minds - we still continued to improve.

We were lucky to have had a complete clean sweep at our first tournament - not a single lost set! But after those wins also came our first loss hitting us all pretty hard. Did we stop learning after that? Absolutely not - it just taught so much more. The biggest thing was how to take more away for our next game or practice. It helped us look at what we needed to improve on most, whether that was our serve receive or our hits - we always worked extremely hard to improve.

We played three tournaments and had five league games. Out of all those we only lost four games. Although not all the wins came as easily as we expected, we fought hard and worked like crazy to come out on top. Just like anything else, we also had bad days and good days, or bad sets and good sets. No matter what, we never stopped fighting for the ball and the game.

What a lot of people did not actually know was that when we went out to play league games we were actually in the ‘A’ league - so we were playing up. I would say that was a super helpful benefit. Other schools’ ‘A’ teams played extremely well so we got to work even harder and even better.

One of the nicest things about our team was we had lots of time to improve our more undeveloped skills. For example, almost all the girls on the team had a consistent overhand serve by the end of the season. This is one of many skills we ended up mastering.

We had a super-diverse group of girls, all unique personalities and ways of playing. We always came together and got along extremely well (that’s what made everything we did together so great). There was never a dull moment on the court or on the bench: every player encouraged one another. Every time a point was scored, we were always so proud of one another.

We had six amazing Grade 9s on our team this year; they all worked extremely hard and played so well. They were usually the ones with the most energy both before, during, and after the games. Our nine Grade 10s were just as amazing; they were always so supportive of all the girls. We all became like a little family.

None of this could have been without our amazing coach, Ms Scheck: she was the most supportive, encouraging coach out there. Whenever we would get down on ourselves, Ms Scheck was always there when we needed a pick-me-up. She is also a great artist!

Ms Scheck gave us the best advice all the time: whether it was more personal issues or volleyball issues we could always count on her. She could always tell if something was not right with any of the girls and she supported us through anything. Ms Scheck personally taught me so much and my volleyball skills improved greatly because of her. We owe a lot to her, so thank you so much Ms Scheck for everything you did.

I would like to thank all the girls I.W, E.P, A.D, T.K, I.S, M.R, V.L, S.L, C.G, L.P, N.V, S.J, L.SA, A.C. All our accomplishments are because of you guys, Thank you!

Annika Maiorino, Alex ‘24

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