Junior B Volleyball

Sunday, January 06, 2019 - By: Robin A Hope ‘21 & Sydney H, Mackenzie ‘21; Photo by Paul Fletcher

We had the opportunity to be the Co-Captains of the 2018-19 Brentwood Junior B Volleyball team. Seeing the girls grow and flourish was an amazing opportunity and we are glad we were able to be a part of this journey with them. Getting the chance to be Captains of these wonderful girls allowed us to get to know each and everyone one of them, including out wonderful coaches Ms Scheck and Miss Als. Throughout our numerous games and tournaments, the girls always held their heads high through thick and thin, learning from our mistakes and then displaying it out on the court. Our overall improvement was shown when we won our league tournament and ended up bringing home the 1st Place CVIAA banner. 

At the very beginning of the season, we played Shawnigan, having never played or practiced as a team prior to the game. Running into each other and not knowing everyone's name were common issues amongst the team that afternoon. The rather slow start made winning our last tournament of the season even sweeter. Taking a set off of Shawnigan gave us the edge over them and we won the title. Showing our progress, we were able to showcase new techniques, our ability to play as a team, and find a rhythm throughout the court. 

Winning was a great way to end the season. Having to play all A-level teams throughout the few weeks we had together was rather tough on us, but it gave us the room to improve drastically in a short amount of time. We got to know one another well as we practiced, played, and sang on the bus as a team. We’re so glad that we had the opportunity to learn from and lead such an amazing team.

To put it succinctly: umm, so we won a tournament. That’s cool :) So ya, like we did some bumps and hitting and sets on occasion. It was pretty alright. I had fun. Overall 10/10 team. We liked each other, yeah thanks. That’s all; it’s all been spilt now *mic drop* Robin and Sydawg out. Term 1 was a big hit. Yay. Go Brentwood!

Robin A Hope ‘21 & Sydney H, Mackenzie ‘21

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