Junior B Volleyball

Thursday, January 04, 2018 - By: Makenzie P, Hope ‘20 & Kerry W, Hope ‘20; Photo by Paul Fletcher

This season’s edition to the Junior B Volleyball team recognizes 12 young, strong women who were mostly new to Brentwood. Every individual on the team bonded incredibly well with one another, making the season a fun and a memorable opportunity. Each girl grew and became more and more confident every time she stepped foot on the court. 

During this season our team had the opportunity to play against stiff competition as we were invited to play in the Junior A league and tournaments. We played to our ability and dominated in most games. From the games we lost, we learned, making the team and every girl that much stronger. We played many games against schools and clubs across Vancouver Island experiencing volleyball around BC. 

Makenzie P, Hope ‘20

Being Captain of the Junior B Volleyball team was a learning experience. I was able to get close with each girl, coming to understand every girl’s abilities. Being a leader isn’t the easiest thing. It was tough to speak up, at times, or support the girls when we wouldn't succeed through a game, but that's what made this team so special. Every girl supported one another, which was amazing to see. 

I am honoured that I had the chance to be Captain. I didn’t know the girls looked up to me the way they did so I want to say thank you for this opportunity and I’ll miss this team as I move on through my next few years of Brentwood.

Kerry W, Hope ‘20

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