Junior B Boys Basketball - The Attack of the Killer Bs

Friday, February 16, 2018 - By: Ben Z, Privett ‘21; Photo by Jim Ganley

Junior A Boys Basketball is one thing; Junior B Boys Basketball is a whole other thing. Being on the B team builds friendships that will last forever. Our coach, Mr. Warner, told us after our tournament that we placed second in, “These friendships will last a lifetime, just look around at these guys, they are like your brothers.” I couldn’t agree more with what Mr. Warner said. Our team is supportive and very entertaining to be around. We have a lot of what most people would call “the jokers” - the guys who like to mess around and have fun and that is one of the best parts of playing B team basketball. 

Mr. Warner is a very mellow guy and puts up with all of our problems. At the beginning of second term I remember thinking “Wow it is going to take a long time to get to know all my teammates” but it took, tops, two weeks and now I can have a normal conversation with anyone on the Junior B Boys Basketball team. I think this is more valuable than all the playing time and winning games combined - which we did a lot of. 

Ben Z, Privett ‘21

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