Junior B Basketball

Friday, April 21, 2017 - By: Marc Y, Rogers ‘19

The Junior B Boys Basketball team didn’t have the strongest beginning. Many of us were not entirely familiar with the sport of basketball which meant that the team had a lot of confusion and little teamwork. As a result, we suffered a big loss in the second game against Chemainus. As the season continued, however, the team started using more teamwork and picked up its game, winning three consecutive games. 

The boys went into the Mid-Island Championships as a solid #2 seed. In the tournament, they easily won in the semi-finals against Cowichan High School, which placed them in the finals against Chemainus. The team fought very hard in the finals, and kept the score difference to the single digits until the very end. In the third quarter, however, Ope A, one of the key members in the starting lineup, fouled out, which put the team at a significant disadvantage. Even though the team played very hard in the last quarter, we lost the game by four points. 

Even though it was a heartbreaking loss, it was impressive to see the team, which barely knew how to play together in the beginning, progress into one of the best squads in the region. Thanks to Mr Brown and Mr Gage their excellent coaching and support.

Marc Y, Rogers ‘19

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