Jump for Joseph

Friday, February 12, 2021 - By: Jack NG, Ellis ‘21; Photo by Kameel A, Privett '23

As campus wound down for the last days before Midterm Break, and many students started to switch into holiday mode, the musical cast and crew were taking no days off in preparation for their upcoming shows in late February and early March.

Don’t get me wrong, to Mrs. Widenmaier’s ultimate displeasure, we are going on break, but it will be of no surprise to find Rory P and Jacob H, dancing their hearts out on Salt Spring Island, and Liam T and Feury K, singing their melodies at full volume from their homes in Maple Bay. Musical is more than an art. For the 64 of us Cast and Crew members, it is becoming our lifestyle. We eat, we breathe, we sleep, and we dream musical.

“How is the show coming along?” people ask me. Some of my fellow cast members might not exactly produce the highest reviews at the moment, but if there is one thing my experience on the stage in the Killy Theatre has taught me, when it comes to learning dance moves at the last minute, never count out a dozen gangly, awkward, and uncoordinated teenage boys, Ms Staples. We are not the Brentwood Dance prodigies you are used to working with, but we will not let you down.

“I’m stoked for our shows!” Feury K, Whittall ‘21 exclaimed one Wednesday afternoon post rehearsal. “We’ve spent so many long days perfecting this show, and I know we can’t wait to share it with our community.” Opening is Sunday February 28 , and the show runs until March 6. There will be one evening for each house to attend, along with turning some dress rehearsals into shows for the on-campus staff.

Returning performer Sasha B, Allard ‘22 had the following to say about her past experience in the theatre, and her hopes for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. “Last year I took part in my first musical, and it was one of the highlights of my Brentwood year. Initially I didn’t know what to expect with COVID-19, but so far all the work put into it has paid off, and I’m excited to see how the show turns out!” Me too Sasha, me too!

For any parents, relatives, friends, family, acquaintances, pets, or other individuals who might want to watch the show, details will be released closer to opening night regarding how to view the performance online. You will certainly not be left out.

Less than three weeks left until curtain, Brentwood. It’s time to get pumped. We can’t wait to share this spectacular show with you, and in the wise words of the musical rookie Oscar L, Ellis ‘23, “I might just be a slave, but I’m still having more fun with this show than I ever have before!” Enough said, Brentwood. You better be ready for it.

Jack NG, Ellis ‘21

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