Java Hut

Thursday, February 06, 2014 - By: Marius Felix

In this era of mass media, texting, and 100s of chat lines and websites that pry at the attention of teenagers, Brentwood offers many alternatives for our students.

This past Saturday night was one of these alternatives when one of the most anticipated events of the school year unfolded. Imagine a night when talented and seasoned students take a backseat to first-time performers who nervously step on stage in front of their peers and perform in an environment that is incredibly supportive and thoroughly engaging.

The brainchild of Director of Admissions Clayton Johnston many years ago, Java Hut has evolved into a unique and much loved evening of solo singing, alternative bands, poetry, comedy acts and more.

Before I witnessed Java Hut for the first time more than a decade ago, I was somewhat skeptical that teenagers would take the leap of faith with their peers, and literally put themselves “out there” for all to witness. I was both humbled (in having my doubts quashed) and inspired by what I saw.

Java Hut 2014 has done it again. Kudos to all of our performers and their supportive, enthusiastic audience.

Marius Felix, Assistant Head

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